Disc Space GB

Disc Space for faircloud or E-Mail. Discount applies from 100GB. Billed monthly, quarterly or annual. Can be reduced or cancelled anytime.

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fairapps edu for classes

fairapps edu cloud services for classes includes:
  • faircloud file sharing with OnlyOffice online editor
    • with Tasks, Mindmaps, Calendar, Contacts (sync with your smartphone), Circles to connect with your friends, Decks kanban board, Bookmark management.
  • fairapps+ webbased communication tools like EtherCalc, EtherDrwaw, Wekan kanban board, Draw, Sandpass, SandForms and much more.
  • board.net etherpad for collaborative working
  • gitlab project management tool, kanban board and issue tracker
  • fairchat & fairmeeting, messenger and video conference solutions
  • 20 GB quota for one admin account for faircloud and fairapps+
  • admin account for disk space and cloud files management
  • fairapps Free accounts for the whole class
  • login via eduIT (e.g. fhv login, your organisation on request), Bürgerkarte Austria or fairlogin
  • free support via ticket system (best effort)
  • duration of one semester (max. 6 months)
  • fair use

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nextcloud Instanz 100GB

Eigene nextcloud Instanz
Kosten pro Monat, Verrechnung pro Quartal oder Jahr.

  • 100 GB Speicher
  • 1 TB Traffic (wenn mehr im Monat wird es langsamer)
  • unlimitierte Benutzer
  • Benutzergruppen
  • Admin Zugang
  • Dutzende nextcloud Apps
  • Serverseitige Verschlüsselung aktivierbar
  • Standort EU
  • Zugang über Web und App
  • Automatische Updates
  • Synchronisationsclients für Desktop, iOS und Android

Aufpreis Aufschaltung eigene oder Subdomain einmalig 160.-

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Email Konto einrichten

Email Adresse Erstellung vorname.nachname@fairkom.net
Nur in Kombination mit fairapps basic oder fairapps pro

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Dokuwiki mit Rechteverwaltung

Eigenes Dokuwiki mit Rechteverwaltung und fairlogin Anbindung. Es können selbstständig diverse Erweiterungen installiert werden.

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GDPR compliant fairlogin SSO client

fairlogin single-sign-on connectivity.

Do you have a web app that requires a single-sing-on login? We'd love to add more clients that use fairlogin as an identity provider. As we have to monitor our servers and take care on the security, we charge a fee to cover our expenses.

Fair use conditions apply for this package (up to 100.000 authentication requests per month). Get in touch with us for higher volumes.
If you represent an NGO, a sustainability initiative or offer service that may perfectly complement our fairapps portfolio do not hesitate to ask for special conditions or a partnership agreement.

You may also want to order a consulting or support subscription with this package. Please see also our documentation pages.

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