fairtube development

Item Code: fairtube invest

We want to extend the fairapps portfolio with a video platform. peertube is a candidate technology. It offers similar possibilities like Youtube. However, still some number of issues have to be clarified and some features need to be extended.

Order the number of units and benefit from shared results in fairapps.net. The amounts collected will be used for preparation and implementation work. Tasks will be co-ordinated by fairkom members in close co-operation with related user communities. Results will be reported on the fairkom blog.

As an incentive, the same amount of your investment in Euro will be transferred in FairCoin to your FairCoin address within a few days after receipt. This is neither a security nor does it entitle for shares, but is intended as a gift to those who trust in building a circular economy. The FairCoins should be self-locked as a value deposit or used for buying goods and services, not for exchanging it to FIAT money (€, $, Ł, ...).