fairapps edu for classes

Item Code: fairapps edu

fairapps edu cloud services for classes includes:
  • faircloud file sharing with OnlyOffice online editor
    • with Tasks, Mindmaps, Calendar, Contacts (sync with your smartphone), Circles to connect with your friends, Decks kanban board, Bookmark management.
  • fairapps+ webbased communication tools like EtherCalc, EtherDrwaw, Wekan kanban board, Draw, Sandpass, SandForms and much more.
  • board.net etherpad for collaborative working
  • gitlab project management tool, kanban board and issue tracker
  • fairchat & fairmeeting, messenger and video conference solutions
  • 20 GB quota for one admin account for faircloud and fairapps+
  • admin account for disk space and cloud files management
  • fairapps Free accounts for the whole class
  • login via eduIT (e.g. fhv login, your organisation on request), Bürgerkarte Austria or fairlogin
  • free support via ticket system (best effort)
  • duration of one semester (max. 6 months)
  • fair use

69.00 (69.00 / Stk)