Analysis Package

Item Code: CO-2

In-depth inspection of a rather complex technical issue by a fairkom member or osAlliance partner.

After getting access to the infrastructure, we will analyse the situation, document the issue and make a proposal how to fix it. After reporting to the customer, we can provide a quote for fixing the issue or for long-term support. In case the issue can be fixed immediately without additional effort we will certainly do it within this package.

We have a broad knowledge of Open Source solutions and know, how to implement, deploy and operate them.
Some of us work together since the year 2000. 

On site support available in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, other countries on request.
Remote support available worldwide.

We are active in numerous Open Source communities (Linuxday, Linuxwochen, FSFE, ...) and thus have access to various core developers.

672.00 (672.00 / Stk)